Energy Symposium

The Energy Symposium is a joint venture between the Principles of Engineering course and the community that surrounds it. The class organizes a day where guest speakers are invited to speak to the student population on alternative energy. The class also takes this opportunity to display our car, which is back from competition, as this day is held in May. Our goal is to educate the student population on the benefits of alternative energy as a whole, not just our fuel cell based course. Last year, speakers from solar energy companies, electric battery suppliers, and cleaner vehicle companies all took the opportunity to speak to our students.

This year, the Energy Symposium of 2017 is taking a similar approach to last year. We have invited numerous car companies to bring their clean energy vehicles to show off on May 26th. And we plan that by doing this, students can learn how clean energy is a more efficient and Eco-friendly alternative to gasoline. This year, we have two speakers; Alex Barton from CCAT, who will present about fuel cell and hydrogen technologies related to transportation, material handling, stationary, and portable power applications. The second speaker, Charlie Banas will present about his research in alternative energy. Our goal is to educate our school and community that switching to a cleaner form of energy is the best choice.