The Team

The Darien Fuel Cell car is a unique, student-driven project that aims to expand and distribute knowledge of alternative energy, engineering, and teamwork throughout the student body. Our yearly goal is to attend the annual Shell Eco-Marathon, which is held in Detroit, MI, where hundreds of universities gather to compete in the field of alternative energy. We pride ourselves on being one of the few high schools who attend the competition, which is largely dominated by universities, both international and domestic.

DHS Fuel Cell Team 2018


Maguire Shea – Project ManagerĀ 


Danny Koenitzer – Head Engineer


Thomas Tousignant – Head Electrician
Julia Clarke – Media/Communications/Accountant


Nick Elwell – Designer/ Fabricator


Peter Maro – Assistant Engineer


Trevor McKay – CNC Machinist


Alex Barlow – Machinist


Barak Mustafa – Public Relations/ Assistant Engineer


Shane Ford – Fabricator


Cade Pankowski – Electrical Technician/ Safety Inspector


Grace Aronsohn – Welder/ Fabricator


Alex Marshman – Welder/ Machinist


Eric Morgan – Safety Inspector/ Fabricator


Ryan O’Neil – Big Dog