Maker Faire

The Darien High School Fuel Cell Team was generously invited by the staff of Make Magazine to attend the 2016 International Maker Faire, held in Queens, NY. A small group of individuals within the class, along with our administrator, attended the event and instantly felt the benefits. Our booth, which was located in the vicinity of prominent institutions, both in the fields of science and engineering, gained a lot of attention. Whether it be the exposure to the 95,000 attendees from 45 states and 48 countries who attended the convention over the course of two days or the contacts that we made with people who were experts in our field, our program benefited directly. In addition we were interviewed by TWiT (This Week in Tech) and we placed number four in ECN (Electronic Component News) magazines top 5 of the maker faire Please look for us at the 2017 International Maker Faire!